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Excitement as Feedback Begins

Sas Freeman
October 21, 2014

Box of books
It is now a week since my book, ‘Two Strokes Not Out’ has been in print and although I was slightly concerned at how few people know about it, the feedback I am beginning to receive following the sales so far, reminds me exactly why I wrote it. I couldn’t ask for more.

Feedback and response received from fellow survivors, carers, family members of stroke survivors and from people not directly touched by stroke and I hope will not be.

Each individual response has been both powerful and emotional, thanking me for highlighting and/or identifying with issues that have otherwise gone unnoticed, especially for the carers and other family members. I touch on the fact that as a Stroke Survivor, we are regularly asked “how are we” yet the carer is rarely asked that question and expected to simply deal with their emotions along with everything else’s and all that is asked of them.

It was rewarding to hear the book has helped people in different ways with different aspects so again not only one area of help or one group of people.

I can now concentrate in promoting it in the knowledge it will help as I had intended and hoped. Also by selling copies I can create greater public awareness of people at risk of certain types of stroke, those that can be prevented by making certain changes, therefore preventing more people ending up as I have.

It can do its work in many ways and hopefully, once read, it can be passed onto someone else to help them and their family too.

Please consider buying a copy to help me to help others. Thank you.

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