Saturday, February 13, 2016

Laid-Back Admin: Simplified Comics

Dr. Beagle C. Cranium
Stroke Survivors Tattler
I have a much better of simplified comics:
  •  Delete the "|<    Random   >|". I can do it but every week it changed by the internal HTML code - it is PIA  and mostly people do not use it.
    • Now, click-it in the image of the cartoon and it will go to if you want to.
  • Now you will mouse-over the cartoon and it will tell you the caption, for example this week is "Look, recipe, if I knew how much was gonna taste good, I wouldn't need you."
    • A copy from mouse-over the cartoon is the title, "Look, recipe, ...", at the bottom of the cartoon i.e. you will see it, visibly , anyway.

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