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[#Thingsilove] Music Glove Trials, Week 1(ish):
      The Learning Curve

Pamela Hsieh
27 September, 2015

My time so far with the Music Glove has been interesting.

When I first received my glove, I filmed an unboxing video and wanted to try it out right away — but I had to charge the tablet overnight first.

Once I tried it, as I’ve mentioned before, it was really challenging. (That is, of course, to be expected.) The difficulty of stimulating my affected hand with all this new information turned out to be the hump I needed to get over before really committing in a full way — as the adage goes, “The hardest part is starting.”

The hardest part is starting

I found myself discouraged at how difficult it was at first. But, you know, asante sana squash banana. I had to remind myself not to send myself messages of animosity or frustration. It was difficult like this for that first week.

Also, it turned out that the particular glove I’d received had a defective middle finger cot, so I called them the next day and they immediately shipped me a new one. (How’s that for service?) In the meantime, I would just work the first finger, which was really two different movements: The pointer finger has a sensor for both the keyhold touch and the fingertip, so it was enough to begin with. (I found that the more fingers I tried the more overwhelmed I would feel playing.)

Then, I took an unprecedented break over the weekend. (Yes, I had committed to daily use, but if there is anything I’ve learned about my body it’s that I must work with her, not against her — and emotionally, too, I needed to process this new change.)

I began again the following Monday. Results were surprising: I had actually improved considerably!

When my replacement glove arrived, I then of course upgraded to exercising the middle finger touch as well. And after a few good days, I added the last two fingers to the mix. (Whoa.)

Once I got over the hump and experienced a shift, the game became less difficult in the sense that it became more of a game rather than forcibly stressing myself out trying to follow the instructions.

All this is to explain why it’s taken me a while to give you an update on the Music Glove. It’s why I don’t have the most obvious set of data in terms of progress tracked. Because game play was slightly sporadic (plus, the software tracks weeks differently from me, with the week starting on Sunday), it appears I have been practicing for three weeks. Which is not really the case. Nonetheless, I had Anthony analyze my stats late last night for you:

(You can pretty much ignore the “overall” score since my data is a bit messy due to replacing my glove,
plus Anthony hijacked it once to play it himself on medium difficulty. #sigh)

I also tried taking the speed and dexterity tests last night as well to establish a baseline now that I’ve become a bit more accustomed to the device.

Of course, there’s still plenty of improvements to be made, but I wanted to make sure you guys could all hop on board early so you can see the progress over time.

Again, if you’re curious about the Music Glove, you can speak with one of their reps personally by requesting more information here. And rest assured — in my personal experience with them, they are all here to serve, not hard sell anything, so you can get your questions answered and maybe try it out yourself!

Any questions for me? Please leave them in the comments! Remember to share these reviews with anybody you think could use the information. :-)

To our healing,

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