Saturday, March 26, 2016

Laid-Back Admin: Stop SSTattler, Why?, and a Bit History

Dr. Beagle C. Cranium
Stroke Survivors Tattler

This next week will present:
  1. Stop SSTattler - Stop publish Apr/09/2016 Stroke Survivors Tattler and in the future. The Guest Bloggers told a week before on e-mail Wednesday March 9th.
  2. Why? - I can explain it in a very positive way.
  3. History - We have a handful readers of friends in Edmonton at the start but now we have readers approx.  500+/- Users around the world every week, great Guest Bloggers, why have various Wikipedia & Video, Headline Blog, Eclectic Stuff, and Weekly ColumnistsComics, and so on...
For this week I have to scratch-my-head so that I'll to tell you the important details but lots of unimportant details I'll put them my garbage bin. Starting to scratch-my-head right now...


Dr. Beagle C. Cranium and John C. Anderson

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