Friday, March 18, 2016

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      Apple vs FBI and the Cybersecurity Implications

John C. Anderson
Stroke Survivors Tattler

SSTattler: This is special topic for engineers, Comp.Sc., and many geeks watch the battle between Apple vs FBI...

Debate - Apple vs FBI and the Cybersecurity Implications of the Encryption Controversy

Published on Mar 17, 2016

This year our focus is on shaping the cybersecurity of the future. How will cyberspace evolve? What does that mean for cybersecurity? And what can we do to ensure that security gets better not worse? In a series of traditional panel discussions, interview-style keynotes from government and the private sector, and 'pop-up' presentations we will explore a diverse range of topics looking at cybersecurity of the future. How will we secure growing networks of cars, health devices and other "things"? What can we do to ensure that our cyber workforce is more diverse and representative? How can complex networks of actors work together to mitigate the next Heartbleed-scale software vulnerability? How will global trends affect the cybersecurity challenges that will threaten the United States?

  • Peter Swire - Professor of Law and Ethics, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Michael Vatis - Partner, Steptoe and Johnson LLP

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