Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Anomic aphasia (also known as dysnomia, nominal aphasia, and amnesic aphasia) is a type of aphasia where an individual has consistent inability to produce words for things that they want to talk about (particularly nouns and verbs). Anomia is a deficit of expressive language. The most pervasive deficit in the aphasias is anomia. Some level of anomia is seen in all of the aphasias. A longer definition comes from Wikipedia
    • Video: Anomic Aphasia
      • Update: Sarah Scott teenage stroke, Broca's Aphasia. 
      • Sarah Scott - 6 Years After a Stroke at 18 - Aphasia
      • Young Person with Aphasia -- Sarah's story
      • Sarah -- Anomic Aphasia
      • Grace: Stroke Survivor With Broca's Aphasia, 5 Weeks After Stroke
      • Broca's Aphasia
      • Challenges in Anomic Aphasia
      • Ken: Anomic Aphasia Progress
      • Anomic Aphasia Caregiver Stories -- Stephanie
      • Stephanie Testimonial -- Intensive Aphasia Treatment for Anomic Aphasia
      • The Effect of Broca's aphasia on a Family
      • Mom and I: Anomic Aphasia Take Two (Training)
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