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      Stop publish Stroke Survivors Tattler Apr/09/2016

Dr. Beagle C. Cranium
Stroke Survivors Tattler
Stop publish Stroke Survivors Tattler Apr/09/2016

Today, the last Wikipedia/YouTube, we have:
It is difficult symptoms for M.T.A. because it is very rare.  I've got some YouTube on M.T.A. but it is the bottom on my list for over a year, and simply, I could not find any more. So, I will publish anyway - I hope it is useful to at least some people.

Next week have a simple article and the last article for SSTattler:
  • Apr/09/2016 - Weekly Index from Jan/01/2011 to Apr/2016/02
It is a copied from ▶ Weekly Index & Future and we have indexes for 5 years every week from Jan/01/2011 to Apr/2016/02 except during summer holidays (July & August). 


In early January 2011, I set my goal for to do something useful at least for +/- 5 years on the web. I got blogspot from Google and my site is (and shorten to

At first it is awful i.e. not useful at all, but in early January the thought the title is "Saturday News" and might be useful indeed!  January 28, 2012, I published Saturday News Broca's Aphasia - Sarah Scott plus Saturday Comics and three stroke articles. Today, SSTattler published every week, usually about 30 articles+/-, except during summer holidays (July & August).

On February 1, 2015, I read Ground Hog Day on My Happy Stroke by Grace Carpenter. In her article, she said "On this anniversary, I'm going to make it official: I'm taking a break from blogging...". Her blogs from February 2, 2010 to February 1, 2015 - exactly 5 years.

Hmm, her statement is very nice because I was a bit tired as well for SSTattler.  So, I set my goal to quit the next year, 2016, enough is enough and my goal to the end SSTattler  June 25th / 2015 - total is 5 years and 6 months.

Usually, I take the flight to Ottawa to see my kids sometime during July / August but this April thru May four events happen (in the near future):
  • My daughter and her boyfriend bought a house in Fort McMurray (it is 5 hours by car north-north-east from Edmonton) and they invite me to see there new digs,
  • My wife is going to PEI (Prince Edward Island) for a conference about stroke... and I'll come with her as well, of course,
  • My son & his wife has the second baby, Evie, 4 months old.  We have to visit in Ottawa to see the new baby!,
  • Minor details but I have minor surgery and will take approx. 2 days +/-.
Holy man, I think there is more 1) typing SSTattler, 2) surgery and 3) simultaneous travel, 1 car & 2 flights across the continent, at least for me. I decided that I will shorten the time to Apr/09/2016 - Weekly Index from Jan/01/2011 to Apr/02/2016/ and that is the end of SSTattler.

Total == 5 years and 3 months. I will keep the site up until the end of December / 2016.

I loved to generated the weekly SSTattler with great Guest Bloggers and lots of articles Headlines with Wikipedia & Video and, maybe, some person will do it for the future...

Tiny History

Lots of stuff not included the Tiny History but, I think, that is enough for now...


Dr. Beagle C. Cranium and John C. Anderson


  1. Thank you so much for getting our words out to those who need to hear them. I appreciate all the work your endeavor took. BTW, I'm at about 6.5 years for barbpolansrecovery, and aiming to keep going until I can use my hand to row again. That'll be Mission: Accomplished. Bye-bye.

  2. I realize I am slow to figure this out! But so sad to see this post---- John, you've been a great help and inspiration to me and Bob and so many others! I hope after you take a break and you will do something like this again. Best Regards, Diane (my blog, for what it is, is still going --)